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Welcome one and all to the Official 3D Archery Association of Australia 3DAAA Website. This website is for all those interested in Archery in general and 3D Archery in particular. As usual this site will attempt to pictorially document and archive as much of the 3D Archery Association of Australia competition shooting years as possible. So check back regularly as we will be updating content frequently. If there is anything you would like to see online here then please email us and we will see what we can do.

2017 Young Achievers Award- 18/9/17
The 3DAAA committee is asking for nominations for the annual Young Achievers award. To nominate a young member, please submit in writing explaining why you think this person is worthy of winning this annual award. Email your nomination to by 25th October 2017.
This annual award was introduced to recognise some of our outstanding young archers.
This award is not simply about performance, this award also encompasses a positive attitude towards3D archery and in particular, 3DAAA. While performing at your best is always something our Young Achiever strives for, they also understand that having fun and promoting the sport in the wider community are also important.
The award is decided by the committee after reviewing nominations made by the young archers club or a member of the association who feels the cub or youth should be recognised for their efforts with a special presentation.
This award is open to all cub and youth shooters and is presented with other annual awards at the Associations Annual Awards Ceremony following the Australian Titles in November at Nambucca Heads.


2017 AGM Report -18/7/17
A new section has been added to the downloads page, this section will be where reports from the latest AGM can be viewed.  2017 AGM REPORTS

Queensland State Liaison Appointment
To the Members of 3DAAA, it gives the 3DAAA committee great pleasure to announce that since the AGM at Casino, and as part of the feedback we have received from you, the new 3DAAA committee has appointed three Members to help with Communication and putting back into our archery community.
Firstly, the recently advertised QLD State liaison position has been appointed to Brett Pirlo, Brett is a well respected athlete who has been involved with 3DAAA for nearly 18 years, he is looking forward to building a successful Liaison role for the state of QLD. At the present time we are in the process of setting up an active email account for Brett, we envisage he will be up and running within a couple of weeks.
Brett joins the existing Liaison team headed by National Coordinator Rhys Aizlewood and supported by Nathan Murrell for NSW, and Cordell McGuire for Victoria with the sole purpose of communicating with the Clubs and Members of 3DAAA, giving a voice directly to the 3DAAA National Committee. For those members in NT and SA you are encouraged to communicate with your closest State Liaison or Directly with Rhys to have your say. 
Secondly, Course Setters Course. UPDATE.  Headed by Vice- President Robbie Vayro, we are currently updating this policy and the committee is in the process of setting up a network of trainers across the country to deliver the best course training possible for its clubs and members, with a new structure and new focus to the Course Setters Course. 
Currently under development is a newly formatted course which Robbie and his team of members will be ensuring that new standards of safety and enjoyment come from our Ranges.
NSW is being coordinated by Ron Scott, QLD and NT coordinator is Leigh Shevill and VIC and SA Coordinator is currently Cordell McGuire, with the help of this team and a newly formatted Course Setting guide, the 3DAAA committee is looking forward to releasing this Training Package to our Setters with the outcome being on achieving development into the future.
POLICY UPDATE, as part of the recently held Face to Face Meeting, several policies have been up dated and will become active over the next 2 Months. The first Policy to have been released is the 3DAAA Competition Policy. Please take the time to read and understand these policies and your responsibilities as Club Members and Active Members of the 3DAAA Family.
The 3DAAA committee is excited and looking forward to the next 4 Months as we lead into the end of the year and Nationals at Nambucca.  Standby for lots of change as we pull together to make 3DAAA the premier 3D Archery Association within the Southern Hemisphere!

3DAAA Committee Members - 12/6/17
On behalf of the 3DAAA committee and members we would like to thank the out going committee members for their time and service to 3DAAA.
With the rest of the 2017 season ahead of us all the new members to the committee have a challenging year ahead.
We would like to congratulate the following members on their successful election
  • Vice President- Robert Vayro
  • Secretary- Nathan Butterfield
  • Treasurer- Ben Doyle
  • Membership Secretary- Wendi Murrell
  • Tournament Director- Grant Elsley
  • National Liaison Officer- Rhys Aizlewood
Over the next two weeks the committee will be working hard to ensure any transitions of the new positions are completed smoothly and successfully.

2017 Australian Championships -12/6/17
It is with great pleasure to announce that the venue for the 2017 3DAAA Australian Championships is Nambucca Heads.
The location is the same as in 2016 which is the Big 4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park.
The 3DAAA Committee apoligises for the delay in announcing the venue but there has been a great deal of work required to get approval for the use of the land.

3DAAA Metal Badge -18/4/17
The 3DAAA metal badges have arrived and are available from the STORE page
Cost $5 

New Membership Secretary- 25/3/17
The Committee has appointted a new membership secretary. Welcome Wendi Murrell, we are sure Wendi will do a great job.
To members and clubs that have membership forms, please discard and download the new form. The address for the memberships has changed to PO Box 879 Gunnedah NSW 2380
Thank You Vicki Mollema for doing a great job over the past 2 years.

Certificate of Currency- 14/2/17
The new Certificate of Currency has been issued and can be found on the Documents page.

2017 Shoot Fee Increase
In an effort to support clubs willing to put in the hard work required to
hold a Sanctioned Event the National Committee has approved the following
Shoot Fee Increase:
Increase in shoot fees for Sanctioned/Special Events for 2017
Adults   $45
Juniors  $30
Cubs $0
Family   $105 (saving of 30%)
Aged Pension $30
Clubs benefit from this fee increase as this money goes to the host
club. There is NO increase to the shoot return remittance paid to 3DAAA.
Attached is an example of costs to clubs under the current fee structure compared to the fee structure for 2017.
Merchandise - 2/6/16
All new dye-sublimated collared shirts have arrived and are available  for $39 each.
These new 3DAAA shirts can be ordered by completing the order form on the Store page
Sizes available  Kids-10,12 and 14  
                        Unisex- S,M,L,XL,2XL and 3XL


There are also T shirts($25) & caps($20) available. The T-shirt is a cotton blend so should be nice & cool for shooting in. Sizing for men, women & children are available. Store page



Guidelines For 3DAAA Funded Trip to IBO World Championships
These guidelines have been in place for many years now with 4 members already winning trips to compete at the IBO World Championships in the past, The guidelines were on the website when they were 1st developed but have not been posted since and the committee has had requests from members asking how it all works.
Below is the guidelines and what is funded as part of this prize.
  • A member must win three(3) consecutive Shooter of the Year prizes (SOTY) in the same catagory one(1) class. Exception being YMR13-14 which will carry over to YMR 15-17.
  • At each of the National Titles, there must be a minimum of 3 members participate who have qualified to win Shooter of the Year in the division for the win to be eligible.
  • The prize can be deferred once, but the archer must win SOTY the following year to be eligible.
  • Archers under the age of 18 must have Parent/Guardian approval.
  • Must shoot at the IBO World Championships in the class that the prize was won in, unless the winner was in MSR or SMC, as IBO have different ages for these classes.
  • The winner/s will be ineligible to receive the regular SOTY funding for the year this prize is taken.
  • Archers that accept the prize and pull out after funding is paid will be required to refund the money within 14 days after notifying 3DAAA of non participation.
  • 3DAAA will pay for the following:
    • Economy airfare to the nearest major airport to the tournament.
    • Car hire or shuttle from airport to shoot location.(car hire will be standard size car for 5 days)
    • Accommodation for 5 nights(Wednesday to Sunday night)
    • Shoot fees.   

Upcoming Events


Sept-30/Oct-1 - NSW State Titles- Moonan Flat

November 11-12 - AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS- Nambucca Heads


The 3DAAA committee is pleased to announce some exciting new sponsorship & incentive programs.

*We are honoured to once again have Hoyt as a Platinum sponsor with the offer of a new 2018 Hoyt bow to an adult shooting member.  All adults will receive one entry for every sanctioned shoot they attend & shoot, with two entries at Nationals. The winner will be drawn   at the annual Presentation following Nationals & will be able to choose their bow from the 2018 Hoyt bow line-up.

At the 2017 Australian Championships adult members will be able to buy one (1) extra ticket per person in the draw for this Hoyt bow for $5. 

*Abbey Archery have  also confirmed their continued support of our young archers with the promise of two bows - one lucky cub & one lucky youth will again win a new bow, to be presented at the 2017 National Championship Presentation. Every time our cub & youth members shoot, their name is added to the draw. Shooting Nationals will give them two entries with the draw being conducted by random number generator.

*The incentive award for our kids will happen again in 2017. This year the prizes will be a $40 gift voucher that can be     redeemed at any of our Australian shop sponsors and a 3DAAA cap. At each sanctioned event a cub & youth will be drawn at random. To be completely fair, this can only be won once by a cub or youth in the shooting year. The winners must be present at the time of  presentations to receive the prize.

*3DAAA has once again set up a sponsorship package from archery dealers and some overseas archery manufactures to have their     logos on the score sheet for 2017. There will be a 4 level system, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, due to the monetary value contributed by the sponsor. Part of this sponsorship will help with providing the end of year trophies and pull up banners which will be at  all sanctioned shoots. So please help support these sponsors who support 3DAAA.

*Darryl Bulger from Native Hunting Gear will again sponsor the Highest score shot at the 2017 Australian Championships in Hunter Class.

*Not to be left out, clubs will also have an opportunity to win their club a target.  The target up for grabs will be a medium sized 3D  target. To be able to win this target a club must get 5 or more shooters at a sanctioned shoot and they will get 1 ticket in the end of year  draw. The more times your club gets 5 or more shooters at a sanctioned shoot the more chances your club has of winning this target.

Clubs need to ensure that their members write down their club name on the score recording sheet, if a member of more than one club,  the archer needs to list the club of their choice.

The 2017 Nationals will not count towards this award.

The target will be awarded at the 2017 end of year presentation. 

3D Archery Association of Australia