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Welcome one and all to the Official 3D Archery Association of Australia 3DAAA Website. This website is for all those interested in Archery in general and 3D Archery in particular. As usual this site will attempt to pictorially document and archive as much of the 3D Archery Association of Australia competition shooting years as possible. So check back regularly as we will be updating content frequently. If there is anything you would like to see online here then please email us and we will see what we can do.

Nationals Results

Individual Results can be checked here

Teams, Top Tens, 100s, 200s & Records shot can be checked here

All other results will be available when completed but this could take up to a week so your patience is appreciated.

Website Updates - 29/12/14

Rules of Shoot have been updated to clarify wording regarding Section 3 Equipment. New version 1.2 available for download on Rules page.

Shirts can now be purchased online - please let us know if you experience any problems during the ordering or payment process (this is a first attempt to set up a new item in store). Payment is made in the same manner as memberships but if you wish to pay by direct deposit to the bank please email for details. Go to the Store tab to order.

2015 Rules of Shoot Updated (06/12/14)

The Committee wishes to thank all those people who took the time and trouble to send their feedback regarding the most recent division changes.

Every email has been read and discussed with every possible avenue being explored, including the suggestions in many of those emails.

The Committee recognised that the dropping of the Youth Unaided division unwittingly created a void between the cub and adult unaided ranks.

Youth Hunter, a division introduced to fill that void, unfortunately seems not to be suitable so for this reason the Committee has decided to remove Youth Hunter and retain Youth Unaided.

The Rules Of Shoot (Version 1.1) have been updated & are now available by clicking here or on the Rules page.

2015 Calendar & Rules of Shoot are now available (21/11/14)

Click here for calendar.

Click here for Rules of Shoot.

Membership Processing for Nationals (09/11/14)

Membership processing will cease as at 8.00pm EDST Tuesday 11th November until after Nationals.

Anyone needing to renew their membership should do so prior to that time or they can do so at Nationals.

Online memberships can still be submitted, however you will need to show your receipt at Nationals & your membership or renewal will be processed after November 24th.

Email enquiries can be directed to the Membership Secretary.

New shirts have arrived (07/11/14)

shirt_front.jpg shirt_back.jpg

The new shirts have arrived & will be available for purchase at Nationals. Sizes are limited & pre-orders are available - first in best dressed! Shirts cost $50 each so if you want to reserve yours click here to go to the order page.

Membership Form Update (01/11/2104)

The membership form has been updated to clarify the definition of a "family"for membership & tournaments. Would clubs please update their members & replace forms they may have on hand.

Abbey Archery Shop at Nationals

Anyone looking for that ultra last-minute bit of archery gear will be pleased to know the Abbey Archery truck will be setting up shop from the Friday afternoon before Nationals. Early Christmas shopping? EFT facilities will be available or if you were lucky enough to win one of the gift vouchers off a raffle table you can use that. Bows, accessories, arrows, targets - you name it, it's going to be available over the weekend.

Scoring Guidelines

Members should be aware of & understand the right way to score before Nationals. Both score & check sheet need to be checked at each target before arrows are pulled, as per the Rules. Admin will require both score & check sheets when ranges are completed each day - both must be correctly tallied, with full names (not nicknames or just christian name), matching totals & signed before being handed in. Score sheets that aren't properly completed will be placed in a box with the problem highlighted. If your name is on the list with that box you can remove your score sheets, correct the problem & hand in to the admin team for inclusion. Any score sheets left in the box won't be entered to the scoring computer & will not count. Co-operation is much appreciated, especially with around 200 archers expected!

2014 Nationals Equipment Checking 

The Committee would like to remind everyone to make sure that they know & understand the Rules of Shoot (some of which have been updated recently) & that their equipment is within legal. Bow & equipment checks will be done over the weekend. Checks will include but won't be limited to arrow weight & speed, stabiliser setup & length for AHC & that draw weights are within the specifications within the rules.

If in doubt or if you need clarification on anything contact a committee member to avoid disqualification. Committee contact details can be found here & Rules are here.

2014 Nationals Pre-Nominations Now Open

Pre-Nominations are now open! Please read all details before completing the online form. You'll need to make direct deposit of funds prior to completing the form & include your deposit reference number in the form. Just click on the link above to go to the Pre-Nom page.

Mornington Peninsula Bowmen - Victorian State Titles Scores (12/10/14)

Scores for the MPB Victorian state Titles are now available >>here

Latest Information

Nationals are fast approaching & we plan on opening up pre-nominations next week following discussions with the club about some last minute details. Meantime, check out the flyer >>here & keep an eye on the website for the prenoms to open up.

Moonan Flat Scores (05/10/14)

Scores for the Moonan Flat shoot are now available >>here

Website Changes (28/09/14)

We've been listening to your feedback & the website is undergoing some changes to suit the changing face of 3DAAA. Keep checking back for more changes as we move ahead to create more of what our members request. Please be patient as these changes have to fit in with our families, work commitments and the preparations for Nationals. 

New Membership Secretary (26/09/14)

Plans are currently underway to transfer the role to the new membership secretary. This will take place after the long weekend in October. Processing may be delayed in the next week as the system is transfered to the new Membership Secretary.

The paper membership form has been updated on the website and the electronic on-line system has been switched over.

Could all clubs please destroy any copies of existing membership forms they hold as their use after the October long weekend will only slow down the membership process as the mail is redirected.

Caboolture - Qld state Title Scores (21/9/14)

Scores are now available >>here

Wingen Match PlayScores (14/9/14)

Scores are now available >>here

Latest Nationals News (4/9/14)

Brisbane Archery Supplies have a brand new PSE Fever to be presented to the winning Club Team of The Year. 


Norfolk Island Travel Centre have been in touch to offer another fabulous trip to Norfolk Island for their 2015 International Shoot. Prize consists of 1 return airfare ex Sydney or Brisbane, sponsored by Norfolk Island Kentia Palm Nursery, and 7 nights accommodation on Norfolk Island, sponsored by Fletcher Christian Apartments. Watch this space for more details.

IBO World Results

3DAAA would like to congratulate all the members that competed at the 2014 IBO World Championships, especially Robert Vayro (3rd MCU) Billy Watson (4th RU) and Ron Scott (4th MCU)

Aussies at the IBO Worlds (10/08/14)

For those of you not on the 3DAAA Facebook page, here's a photo of the Aussies at the 2014 IBO World Championships.

New Vice-President (23/7/14)

The Committee would like to welcome aboard Jock Thompson who has taken on the role as Vice-President left vacant when Gerard stepped up into the top job in June.

Shoot Fee rise for the following (22/7/14)

The 3DAAA committee would like to advise of a shoot fee increase for the 2014 National Titles. These fees will also apply to Sanctioned and Special events in 2015.
Fees will rise to the following:
$35 Adults
$25 Juniors & Aged Pensioners
$85 Families
Cubs will remain free

Abbey Archery sponsorship 2014 Nats (22/7/14)

3DAAA would like to thank Abbey Archery who have once again come on board to support our younger archers. Two bows to be drawn & presented at the 2014 Nationals Presentation.This year the names of all youths who shoot sanctioned events through the year will be added to a random draw. Each youth will receive one entry for sanctioned events, two for state titles & State of Origin & three for Nationals. The draw will be conducted by way of a random number generator to determine the winner of the Youth Bow.The cub bow draw will be limited to those cubs who register & shoot at the 2014 Nationals. One cub name will be drawn at random I the same fashion as for the youth bow.Bows will be chosen at the discretion of Abbey Archery & presented by Grant Hughes or another representative from Abbey Archery at the annual Presentation night.

2015 Forms (8/7/14)

2015 Sanctioned and Special Event Application Forms now available >>here

Policy updates (29/6/14)

A new Course Setters Policy has been released. This document formalises practices followed in the past.

The Visitor and Association Cross Participation Policy has also been amended to include past members.



November 15-16

It's over!

Individual Results have now been posted.

Teams, State Series, Shooter of the Year, etc will be posted as soon as they're done.

Congratulations to the winners & to everybody who endured the heatwave conditions.

3D Archery Association of Australia