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Welcome one and all to the Official 3D Archery Association of Australia 3DAAA Website. This website is for all those interested in Archery in general and 3D Archery in particular. As usual this site will attempt to pictorially document and archive as much of the 3D Archery Association of Australia competition shooting years as possible. So check back regularly as we will be updating content frequently. If there is anything you would like to see online here then please email us and we will see what we can do.


Ipswich Shoot Rescheduled - 13/5/15

The Ipswich shoot that was postponed due to the flooding at the start of the month has been rescheduled. The new dates will be August 29-30. I hope that everyone that was planning on attending this shoot can still attend the shoot on the rescheduled dates. From what i have heard the crew at Ipswich are planning on doing an even better job.
The updated calendar can be found HERE


2015 AGM - 5/5/15

The Annual General Meeting for 3DAAA will be held on Saturday 6th June 2015. It is being held at the State of Origin shoot at Casino. The meeting will take place in the Leeville hall which is on the other side of the bridge near the front gate at 4pm.

Positions to be declared vacant for 2015 are as follows:
President (12 month term)
Vice President (2 year term)
Secretary (2 year term)
Membership Secretary (2 year term)
Liaison officer (2 year term)

All nominations for the positions are to be received by the committee no later than Friday midnight 29th May 2015. Two endorsement signatures (from current 3DAAA members) are required with the nomination.
The nomination form can be downloaded from Here.
Following the AGM there will be a General meeting. If any member wishes to include items for discussion they must put them in writing and send to the committee via the following address:- PO Box 496 Scone NSW 2337
Or email to
All discussion items need to be put in writing and received by the committee no later than Friday 29th May 2015.

New Policies Added - 2/5/15

The committee has developed 4 new policies that will come into effect on the 1/6/2015. The New policies are a Communication Policy, This policy is to cover the ever increasing use of social media, SMS, email and the internet. The Member Proctection Policy is to protect members rights with respect and dignity. The Code Of Behavior Policy highlights  the principles and values of 3DAAA. The last new policy is the Complaints Policy, this policy informs how complaints can be made and how they are handled.

3DAAA National Indoor Championships- 28/4/15

The 2015 3DAAA National Indoor Championships will be held during the month of July held at various venues on various dates(venues & dates to be confirmed). The cost will be $20 per archer which will include a target supplied for both rounds. The rounds to be shot will be 1x standard round and 1x Pro round. An archer will be able to shoot at more then one venue during the month but only their best score TOTAL of both rounds(overall combined score) will be counted. The Indoor rules can be found within the 3DAAA rule book or under rules on this website. There will be NO team shoot this year.
Please check back for dates and venues.

Target Policy Updated - 28/4/15

The Target policy has been updated to now include 2 new approved targets. The new approved targets are the Rinehart Howling Wolf and the Rinehart Fighting/Rubbing Buck. These targets are now supplied with single IBO score zones.   

IBO Worlds 2015 - 1/3/15


Just a reminder if any member is planning on attend the 2015 IBO World Championships, could they please get in contact with Grant Elsley ( ASAP so that all the relevent paper work can be completed in time.
A member must qualify to be eligible to compete at the IBO Worlds Championships,a member must be either a current "shooter of the year" in a level 1 shooting class or by finishing in the top 10 in one of the level 1 shooting classes at one of the nominated events shown on the 3DAAA shoot calendar.

Committee Update - 08/02/15

It is with regret that we announce that Gerard Miles recently decided to step down as president of 3DAAA. This decision was one not made lightly but in consideration of how his continued involvement would affect both his work & personal life as well as whether he felt he could give his best to the Association. Unfortunately, he decided that it would be best for him to concentrate on his work & family commitments. We wish him all the best for his upcoming marriage & future, both personally & in archery. Meanwhile, Jock Thompson has stepped up into the role until the AGM when the position will be up for election.

2015 Rules of Shoot Updated (06/12/14)

The Committee wishes to thank all those people who took the time and trouble to send their feedback regarding the most recent division changes.

Every email has been read and discussed with every possible avenue being explored, including the suggestions in many of those emails.

The Committee recognised that the dropping of the Youth Unaided division unwittingly created a void between the cub and adult unaided ranks.

Youth Hunter, a division introduced to fill that void, unfortunately seems not to be suitable so for this reason the Committee has decided to remove Youth Hunter and retain Youth Unaided.

The Rules Of Shoot (Version 1.1) have been updated & are now available by clicking here or on the Rules page.

New shirts have arrived (07/11/14)

shirt_front.jpg shirt_back.jpg

The new shirts have arrived & are available for purchase. Sizes are limited. Shirts cost $50 each so if you want to purchase yours click here to go to the order page.

Membership Form Update (01/11/2104)

The membership form has been updated to clarify the definition of a "family"for membership & tournaments. Would clubs please update their members & replace forms they may have on hand.

IBO World Results

3DAAA would like to congratulate all the members that competed at the 2014 IBO World Championships, especially Robert Vayro (3rd MCU) Billy Watson (4th RU) and Ron Scott (4th MCU)

Aussies at the IBO Worlds (10/08/14)

For those of you not on the 3DAAA Facebook page, here's a photo of the Aussies at the 2014 IBO World Championships.

Shoot Fee rise for the following (22/7/14)

The 3DAAA committee would like to advise of a shoot fee increase for the 2014 National Titles. These fees will also apply to Sanctioned and Special events in 2015.
Fees will rise to the following:
$35 Adults
$25 Juniors & Aged Pensioners
$85 Families
Cubs will remain free

Policy updates (29/6/14)

A new Course Setters Policy has been released. This document formalises practices followed in the past.

The Visitor and Association Cross Participation Policy has also been amended to include past members.


Upcoming Events

June 6-7  State Of Origin -Casino

June 6 AGM Leeville Hall Casino

June 20-21 Caboolture Corrival- Special Event

July 4-5 QLD State Series- Hinterland




3DAAA committee is pleased to announce some exciting new sponsorship & incentive programs.

Abbey Archery have confirmed their continued support of our young archers with the promise of two bows - one lucky cub & one lucky youth will again win a new bow, to be presented at the 2015 National Championship Presentation. Every time our cub & youth members shoot, their name is added to the draw. Shooting Nationals will give them two entries with the draw being conducted by random number generator.

We are also proud to announce that Hoyt has joined our sponsors with the offer of a new 2016 Hoyt bow of choice to an adult shooting member. All adults will receive one entry for every sanctioned shoot they attend & shoot, with two entries at Nationals. The winner will be drawn at the annual Presentation following Nationals & will be able to choose their bow from the 2016 line-up.

3DAAA have negotiated a deal with Benson Archery Supplies to supply us with 18-1 targets for our kids. There will be 2 brand new 18-1 targets at each sanctioned event a cub & youth will be drawn at random at each event to give them a new home. To be completely fair, this can only be won once by a cub or youth in the shooting year.

There has also been a program set up for Archery Allience endorsed dealers and some archery manufactures to have their logos on the score sheet for 2015. We developed a 3 level system, Gold, Silver and Bronze, due to the monetary value contributed by the sponsor.Part of this sponsorship will help with providing the end of year trophies and a pull up banners which will be at all sanctioned shoots. So please help support these sponsors who support 3DAAA.

Not to be left out, clubs will also have the opportunity to win their club a standing bear target. At each sanctioned shoot club members should write down the name of their club or, if a member of more than one club, their club of choice. At the annual presentation the club with the highest attendance at sanctioned shoots will win the target, which will be at the venue ready to be transported to its new home.

3D Archery Association of Australia