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2018 Hoyt Bow Sponsorship  (30/5/18)

The 2017 3DAAA nationals at Nambucca Heads NSW will be one I’ll always remember. It was as always a lot of fun but with some challenges. I was shooting in a peer group with my brothers girlfriend Annalise and we got to the second target of the weekend and her strings broke. She was understandably upset not only because we’d come so far to shoot but it was also quite a shock. Anna had to go back to the cabins and wasn’t going to shoot for the rest of the weekend but I always bring a spare bow which has come in handy a few times such as that weekend. We got my spare bow set up for her as best we could and she managed to finish the shoot and even beat my score with my own bow. The rest of the weekend was sun and sand which was the best way to finish any shoot. At the presentations dinner I was stuffing my face with lasagne, dinner was great by the way, when I heard my name called out and almost everyone in the room turned around and faced me. I hadn’t realised at the time that I’d won the lucky door prize which was my choice of a new Hoyt bow. It was probably one of the luckiest and best moments I’ve had as I’ve never owned a brand new bow nor a Hoyt. After talking to Abbey archery for only a short time, I now have my brand new Hoyt Prevail FX and I have been practicing with it for a few days and love it as well as the colour too. So I’d like to say a big, big thank you to the 3DAAA committee, Hoyt and Abbey archery. Hopefully this year will be my best.

With thanks,
Krystal Callon


2017 Hoyt Bow Sponsorship  (9/3/17)

3DAAA platinum sponsor Hoyt has once again come on board for 2017 by offering a brand new 2018 bow to one lucky adult. Adults that compete at sanction shoots will receive one entry for each sanctioned shoot they attend & shoot and two entries at our 3DAAA National titles. The winner will be drawn at our national annual Presentation on 12th of November 2017. The winner will be able to choose their bow from the 2018 Hoyt bow line-up.
Paul Eagle was the lucky winner in 2016
Paul being presented with his new Hoyt bow by Marcus from Urban Archery. Paul was very excited about winning this prize and said he had not won anything but what a way to start winning.

2016 Shooter of the Year
Final Shooter of the Year results can be found  HERE
Shooter of the Year photos can be found HERE
Photos kindly supplied by Spellbound Photography
Congratulations to all of the winners in 2016

2016 IBO World Championships  (20/8/16)
This past weekend at Seven Springs PA USA there were nine 3DAAA members who competed in the IBO World Championships with some good results coming their way. Congratulations to all of the members.
MBO-  Gerard Miles 5th
          Jamie Bradshaw 11th
          Jock Thompson 32rd
SPM-  Grant Elsley 10th
MBR-  Robbie Vayro  20th
RU-    Billy Watson  13th
FHC-  Megan Miles  26th
YMR 15-17- Remy Leonard 6th
YMR 13-14- Matt Bradshaw 10th
Check out the full results at
**The top 5 scores in each class from the 1st 2 days of shooting(40 targets) progress into the final and shoot an extra 10 targets to determine the final placings**

Aussies at the 2015 IBO World Championships (15/8/15)

2nd FBR Jenette Harvey
3rd MCU Matt Hatch
4th MCU Ron Scott
9th RU Billy Watson



Aussies at the 2014 IBO World Championships (10/8/14)

Members who made the finals
3rd MCU Robbie Vayro
4th MCU Ron Scott
4th RU Billy Watson


2014 Australian Hall of Fame - 3DAAA Medal Presentations (15/2/14)

Each year, in conjunction with the AAHOF Banquet Dinner, 3DAAA presents 2 medals.

The first is for service to the Association. Previous winners include Garry Dawson, Kim Melit and Norm Bardell. This year's joint winners are Glenn and Teresa Noble.


The medal is recognition for all their years of involvement with the Hinterland Club, initially as an ABA club and recently as a 3DAAA club.

During their 13 years of involvement with the club, they have both served on the Committee primarily as President and Secretary for 12 of those years.

Together they have overseen the club grow from a membership of 12 to a current number of 203. 

For those of you who have visited the club, you wouldn't think it was just a tin shed with dirt floors in 2000.


The second medal to be awarded on the night, is a more recent addition and is the Archer of the Year. Last year's winner was Rhys Aizlewood.


This year's winner is Gerard Miles. His win in the  prestigious MBO division of the IBO World Championships in the USA last year got him the gong in front of some stiff competition. 

I'm sure when he started shooting as a cub back in 1985, winning or even attending such an event would have only been a dream.

Gerard has also taken on the position of Vice President of the Association and will step up into the top role in June 2014.


Technical Ruling for AHC (25/10/13)

In their 2013 Rules, IBO changed the definition of a stabiliser for AHC. Their intent was to allow the use of other than single rods which projected forward of the bow only provided that all the device fitted withing a 12" diameter sphere from a the point of attachment. Furthermore there could only be a single point of attachment.

Examples given were the Doinker Tactical or the Doinker Stokerised.

Recently a competitor shot a setup consisting of a 12" front rod and a 11 7/8" side rod, similar in apearance to an MBO setup.

IBO was asked for a ruling which supported the interpretation that the equipment was legal. In their reply they suggested that a stabiliser should be seen as a "system" rather than an individual rod.

Therefore 3DAAA has adopted the IBO ruling regarding one stabiliser "system" within a theoretical sphere having a radius of 12 inches measured from a single point of attachment. 

Definition of Family for membership/tournament nomination purposes (13/5/13)

For as long as the Association has been in existence, the meaning of "Family" has been accepted as the following:

either a


Defacto couple

Same sex couple

plus their dependant children under the age of 18 years.

It does not include parent and a child where the child is over 18 years of age.

Recently some people have tried to change that definition to suit their own circumstances however the Committee has re-afirmed the past definition as the correct one.

Definition of an Adult for tournament purposes (13/5/13)

A competitor may compete in a junior division even though they are over the age of 18 at the time of the event. This is because the Rules for Shoot calculate a competitor's age as of the 1st December for the following tournament year. Anyone competing in the youth division is only required to pay the youth entry fee.

Membership responsibility (20/4/13)

At a recent shoot, a member complained that it was not his fault that his membership had expired because he did not receive notification of its expiry.

Cards are issued with the expiry date clearly printed on the front. It is the member's responsibility to ensure their membership is kept current. Membership expiry advice is sent as a courtesy to members and it is not the job of the membership secretary to follow up non payment of fees.


Archery Alliance Endorsed Dealer Program (5/7/12)

The Archery Alliance of Australia as part of its long term strategy as the promotional arm of the sport has just released the Endorsed Archery Dealer Program.

It is aimed at the retail archery industry. This industry is the public face of the sport and can be the first exposed for many to the sport.

The Endorsed Archery Dealer program has at its core a demonstration to the general public and government bodies of a framework of self-regulation. The Alliance sees it as a priority to publish guidelines that can be issued to the wider bow owning community in particular those people who are not clubs members on responsible bow ownership and use. 

To this end a growing number of archery dealers have agreed to become Alliance Endorsed Dealers. They have agreed to provide Alliance material to each purchaser of a bow, who is not a current member of one of the three National bodies.

This material consists of 

  • A two page flyer titled ‘Responsible Archery Equipment Ownership’
  • An Alliance information brochure
  • Sport specific information provided by each National Federation, State Association or local club

Each Endorsed Dealer is permitted to display the Endorsed Dealer logo at the shop front as well as a framed certificate noting their participation in the program. In return for their support, the Archery Alliance of Australia Members will have agreed to promote their business and we hope you also support those who have demonstrated a cmmitment to our future.

Click >>here to see the list of current Endorsed Dealers

10 Year Continuous Membership Award (7/6/12)

The Committee has decided to reward those members who have maintained their membership continuously for 10 years. To be eligible, members must be financial at the award date (AGM) and have a minimum of 10 years continuous membership. Records indicate that there will be around 70 eligible members at this year's AGM.

Members who have allowed their membership to lapse for more than 3 months have had their effective join date re-set at the date they re-joined and therefore will not be eligible. The Committee has been fairly generous in applying continuity for memberships before we had computerised records. Certainly no one has been disadvantaged in the early years.

Members who were a part of a family membership as children have had that time included in their membership if they are now adult members of the association.

Ruling on rangefinders (2/6/12)

As a part of its competition review process following the Lake Macquarie shoot, the Committee discussed the carrying and use of rangefinders under its Rules for Shoot.

The rules currently state that ".....rangefinders are prohibited". A strict interpretation of this unqualified statement is that they are not to be carried or used at any event operating under the rules and can be enforced anywhere on the host club's grounds.

The Committee recognises that they are currently used on the practice range, to check target distances and in other areas to "calibrate" the shooter's distance judgement prior to shooting.

A revision of the rule will occur in conjunction with other proposed rule changes for the 2013 year however effective immediately for the remainder of the current shooting year, the Committee has interpreted the current rule to mean:

Rangefinders shall not be carried or used on any competitive target range or in proximity to the Top 10 area. They may be carried and/or used on the all practice ranges, both 3D and target and in the carpark and camping area for the purposes of checking target distances and practising range estimation.

Any person found in possession of a rangefinder in a prohibited area shall be guilty of acting in an unsportsmanlike manner and dealt with under Rule F4.

Shoot management system (19/5/12)

In conjunction with the membership system upgrade which has been running over the past 8 months, the Committee has been developing a new scoring application and shoot management system for use at sanctioned events and by the National Score Recorder.

Whilst those of you who have joined or renewed in the past few months will have seen the result of the membership system upgrade, nothing much has been visible for the other two systems. Until now.

It is our intention to have the association's entire shoot history put online so that anyone can printout their individual results. The first step was to ensure all the information was held in a digital form. Secondly, and this has been a huge task and where most of the errors will have originated, was to assign a membership number to each of the competitors. With over 20,000 individual shoot records there is bound to have been someone assigned to the wrong number. Of course the problem was made a little more difficult when a member called William nominated at shoots under the names of William, Will, Bill and Billy. Once the system is implemented, nominations will be by your membership number and results will appear under the name in the membership database.

It will be some time before we go live on the website as there is still some technical and procedural issues to sort out. But in that time, I'd like some people to take part in a trial to see if we have the information somewhere near correct. If you would like to recieve your shoot history, just complete the form and we'll email you a copy. Of course we'd want you to check the information and tell us if there are any errors.

The scoring program is just about complete and awaiting a trial on real data.  I intend using the information from the last Ipswich shoot to test it off line and then in parallel at the Hinterland shoot. If all goes well, we'll move to using it as the main system for the North Albert shoot with the current system as a backup. I expect it to be fully operational and in use for the Nationals in November. We'll also train the NSW users a the same time.

Some of the features are:

Automatic checking of financial status:

No longer will the clubs have to printout the signon sheets. The membership secretary will email a shoot file which the program will import. In that file will be all the membership numbers ever issued and their financial to date. If a member shows as unfinancial the program will tell the operator immediately. Competitors will just have to sign-on as normal.

No entry of competitor's names

There are three methods of entering a competitor. By using their membership card under the scanner, entering their membership number or entering the first letters of their surname and then picking them from a list. Once that is done, their name, date of birth and financial date are retrieved from the file provided by the membership secretary. No more mis-spelt names.

Shoot division history

As people attend shoots, the database will remember the last division in which they shot. I will be recalled as the default division for the shoot. Of course it can be changed but for the majority it will not be required.

Printing score cards

We trialled a new Samsung, laser printer at Ipswich. It's footprint is just a little larger than a sheet of A4 paper and so quick that we can now print score cards on the fly. The score cards will have the shooters name, number and division on them. It will also have a barcode of their number to ease score entry later. No more trying to read people's names on their cards, if if they put were to put them on as some don't do.

Score entry

Access to score entry is by way of the basrcode and scanner or the shooters membership number. The scorer will enter the number of 10s, 8s, 5s and 0s for each range. The program will then calculate the range score, day's score and total score as well as the total 10s, 8s, 5s and 0s which will be used in the resolution of ties. Competition divisions and teams can be changed in the scoring form without the need to go out and come back in as you currently have to do.


Final results will now automatically resolve ties on 10s and 8s. It will also show where someone has equalled or bettered their division record.

Team reports will use only the best 2 score from sponsored teams

Other features.

Theses are the major features. There are quite a few other features designed to make the system as intelligent and user friendly as possible, to reduce the workload of the scorer in what is a stressfull time for them

Course completion requirements for Sanctioned Events (27/4/12)

In dealing with a matter raised by a member following the Lake Glenbawn shoot, the Committee has ruled that:

"for a competitor to be eligible for an overall placing at a sanctioned event, where 5 ranges are available on both days, they must complete three(3) ranges on the Saturday"

The issue arose after a competitor did not complete three(3) ranges on the Saturday but had completed all five(5) buy the finish time on the Sunday. Although there is nothing specific in the Rules for Shoot regarding the issue (hence not action was taken at the event to alter the outcome) the Committee believes that it has always been common practice to complete the event in a 3 x 2 format.

There is currently a proposal from a club to alter the days shooting requirements for 2013. That decision will be made later in the year at the annual review of the rules.

Membership processing update (29/3/12)


The membership data has been transfered to the new system and checked for consistency with the old records so the new system is now in fully operational.

All memberships received to date have been processed and posted back to the members.

The first thing you will notice is the new card. They are similar in size and material to a credit card. They are made of plastic and are virtually in-destructable. Please punch a hole in one corner and hang them on your belt or quiver as they must be displayed at any event covered by Association insurance.

The bar code below your name and address is the representation of your membership number. It is envisaged that a future re-write of the scoring program will utilise this function to retireve the members name and details from a cutdown membership file sent to the tournament organisers. This will reduce the need for them to have to enter each competitor's name.

Although they are more expensive to produce than the old laminated ones, the new system is much more efficient and reduces the workload the Membership Secretary significantly. It also has a more efficient report generation menu which will assist the clubs in managing its members.

Because they are more expensive, replacement cards will now cost a member $5 so look after them. They will be available on-line shortly.

Shooting a bow in your backyard (07/02/12)

Those of you who follow Archery-Forum will have seen a post regarding a man shot in the neck by a person using a bow in their yard.

As always the debate has been contributed to by a number of people all of which have their own beliefs and opinions. In the end it is the opinion of the police which will determine if the person is charged and under what Act. Certainly there is now Act that specifically addresses shooting a bow in your backyard however there are numerous other Acts which deal with inflicting harm and acting in a dangerous manner.

I understand that the person has been charged and will go before a Magistrate next month.

This action and the tragic death of a 10 year old girl just after christmas will no doubt present an opportunity for the politicians to demonstrate to the public that they can make our community safer by imposing any number of requirements on bow ownership, from licensing through to registration.

Unfortunately none of those initiatives would have prevented either of the incidents, however if they do come to fruition, it will restrict new members and no doubt we will suffer.

Where does the Association stand on the issue?

Backyards can vary in size from the 600m2 urban block to the rural sizes of may hundreds of hectares so there is a grey line between safe and unsafe if just size alone is used as a guideline.

We will move in the next couple of months to develop a Policy on the issue through the Alliance so that it is consistent with the other Association's views. We will also have that Policy vetted by our insurance underwriter before it is released.

In the meantime, the Association believes that no one should shoot a bow anywhere other than at a recognised archery range unless they can demonstrate through a full risk assessment, that it is safe to do so.

It is always the archer's(hunter's) responsibility to ensure they are acting responsibly.