Purchase Membership on line

The Association has entered into an agreement with PayPal to allow members to pay their membership fees on-line. The process is similar to other on-line purchase process but for those no familiar with it, the area below explains the process and answers some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For multiple memberships, paid by a single credit card, simply continue shopping by adding all the required memberships to the cart before checking out. For multiple memberships paid on separate credit cards you will need to checkout for each card.

Options are available for both 1 and 3 year memberships

Although membership fees can be paid on-line, the situation may arise where the member has mistakenly joined under an incorrect membership class. Therefore the Association reserves the right to suspend any membership until the correct fees have been paid for the class of membership required.
 Purchase Adult Memberships

For members over the age of 18.

Purchase Family Memberships This option is used for a family of 2 adults + dependent juniors and cubs. Family membership is classified as either a husband/Wife or Defacto couple or Same sex couple plus their dependant children under the age of 18 years.
Purchase Junior Memberships For members between the ages of 13 and 17
Purchase Cub Memberships For members under the age of 12
 The Process
1. Click on the type of membership above which you want to purchase - please be careful to choose the correct type (ie: do not select a cub membership if completing for an adult)
2. Complete the details of the member or in the case of a family membership, all the members details. Please ensure your family fits the definition for membership as above. If in doubt, please contact the membership secretary.
3.  Once all the fields have been completed, select the "Add to Cart" option. You will now see all the items in your  cart. You can delete an item by selection the rubbish bin associated with the particular membership you wish to delete.
4a. If you wish to purchase another single membership of the same class (ie 2 x adult memberships or 2 x junior memberships) simply choose the continue shopping button to return to the previous screen. Change the details of the second membership and them add to your cart. Continue until you have purchase all the memberships you need.
4b. If you wish to purchase another membership in another class (ie 1 x adult and 1 x junior) then select the store option from the top menus and then select the membership type you now want to purchase. Enter the setails and then add to your cart. Continue until you have purchase all the memberships you need.
5. When you have purchased all the memberships concerned, Select the "Check out " option.

6. You will now be shown the check out page where you will see all the memberships you have purchased and the total value.

You will also have to complete a "Billing Screen". These details are the ones the Association will store in it's database relating to the contact details of all the memberships purchased.

7. Once the billing details are complete select the "Next " button. You will see the details of the purchases again. If they are incorrect, select the "Previous" button to return to the Billing Screen. If they are correct, select the "Next " button again to proceed to PayPal to complete the payment process.

Whilst the Association will accept a PO box as an address, for security reasons the PayPal system will only accept a street address. If you want to register a PO Box as your address, then you cannot pay using the online system.

8. It may take a short while to transfer to the PayPal system. You can pay using your existing PayPal account if you have one or your Visa or Mastercard.

Once your payment has been approved a number of things will happen:

1. An itemised receipt will be sent to the email address you nominated in the Billing screen. Please keep this as a record of your payment until your Membership Card arrives.

2. PayPal will also email you a copy of your transaction.

3. The online system will email the Membership Secretary a copy of your receipt for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the system secure?

Yes. it uses current industry standard security certificates. Once you reach the "Checkout" screen you'll notice the URL at the top of your browser change to https, denoting a secure page. The financial transaction takes place inside the PayPal system and utilises it's own security.


Who keeps my credit card details?
 None of your credit card details are heldwithin the Association's system. All credit card transactions take place within the PayPal system and are therefore subject to their arrangements.


Once I pay is my membership guaranteed?

 No membership is "guaranteed" until it is processed by the Membership Secretary. There may be occasions where the applicant has purchased memberships for the wrong class (junior membership for a child who is now an adult). If this occurs the Membership Secretary will contact you and advise of the error an make arrangements for it to be corrected.

You should however print out a copy of your payment as "proof of payment" prior to your membership card arriving. It may be helpful at a tournament on a week-end before the card arrives.

Can I purchase more than 1 membership at a time?

Yes. You merely select the memberships you require and add them to your cart. As the Billing Address related to the memberships, your can only purchase multiple memberships if each of the applicants resides at the same address.