December 2011

At its bi-monthly meeting, the Presidents of AA, 3DAAA and ABA signed a Memorandum of Understanding which outlined the future relationship between the organisations as they work together for the promotion and protection of all forms of archery in Australia.

Since the initial announcemnt at the 2010 AAHOF&M Expo Dinner, to formalise the arrangement, the Alliance has been busy on a number of initiatives.

As an outcome of the co-operative arrangements, all members of AA, 3DAAA and ABA will be covered under a single insurance policy after 1 February 2011.

Early in 2011, the Alliance will start the development of a Strategic Plan to set the direction it believes archery should follow over the next 5 years.

February 2010

Tripartite agreement between 3DAAA, Archery Australia and the Australian Bowhunters Association.

Following a number of meetings, the last of which was held on the day of the 2010 Archery Expo, Greg Gobel on behalf of the Presidents of the three Associations announced that agreement had been reached for the three Associations to form a Peak Body for archery in order to work together on a range of issues which would deliver benefits to all their respective members. This agreement has the support of the Executives of ABA and 3DAAA as well as the Board of AA.

Although the announcement was made at the dinner, discussions have been underway for some time and for 3DAAA it further strengthens its relationships beyond its MOU with ABA.

Whilst it was agreed to form a working party consisting of 2 representatives from each Association to progress operational matters of the agreement an immediate outcome from the meeting was the recognition of cross participation between Associations.

With some restrictions and providing nomination requirements have been met, any current member of one Association may participate in any competition organised by the other Associations.

It will be the responsibility of each Association to develop a Policy on how the arrangements will be managed within their own Association.

3DAAA is now in the process of developing a Cross Participation Policy to address these matters.
(Completed 3/3/10 You can view it here.)

WA ban on bows

Update 11/2/10

The meeting was held on Tuesday 9 February as scheduled. Representatives from ABA and 3DAAA met with the Minister, his advisors and a uniformed officer from the Firearms Registery office.

We were given an opportunity to put forward our case on both the bow ownership and bowhunting issues. Both the Minister and his principal policy advisor asked a number of questions in relation to bow ownership and the association's activities in other states

There seems no doubt that the WA Government will place some form of restriction on crossbows similar to other States but the question of bow ownership remained un-resolved at the end of the meeting. It would have been un-realistic however to expect a definitive answer from that meeting. The Minister has agreed to consider our submission and advise us in due course.

The issue of bowhunting is being driven by recent events in WA (which is still before the court) and lobbying from the RSPCA. Discussions will continue however, until the matter is finally resolved there will be no further comment on this site.

Update 14/1/10

We received formal advice today that the meeting with the Police Minister will be on 9 February 2010. Between now and then, all the parties involved in the meeting will agree on a strategy to best present our case.

The meeting will be at the pleasure of the Minister and there is no guarantee that we will meet.

Update 16/12/09

I received word yesterday that Minister Johnson's office has received our request for a meeting and it is their intention to give us that opportunity.

Bows and crossbows have been controlled weapons in WA for 10 years now, it is not new. Minister Johnson's letter is suggesting that his party may wish to take it further. In his letter he uses words like should, and proposed, and considering. There is no bill waiting to make changes to prohibited weapons laws in this regard or ban bowhunting.

Doesn't mean they wont look at it but at the moment there is no law pending.

Which is exactly why we have asked for a meeting with Minister Johnson. We want to know where this is going. But it is not going to happen over night and I anticipate the meeting will happen mid to late January

I understand that this preceived in-action is frustrating to some however governments can work extremely slowly at times. There will be no quick fix to this issue so we will continue work on the issues and as soon as we have any more information we will pass it on.

Update 14/12/09

Over the week-end, 3DAAA and ABA drafted a request to meet with the WA Minister. It was not a simple request but one which had to include the topics for discussion and the attendees names.

The delegation will include executive members from the three archery associations; 3DAAA, ABA and AA.

Update 10/12/09

Some of you may be aware of a letter from the WA Minister for Police to a NT archer/bowhunter in relation to an enquiry regarding proposed changes to the WA Weapons Act 1999 and the Weapons Regulations 1999.

There is also a flyer doing the rounds asking for people to write to the Minister in defence of bowhunting.

Thank you to the members of 3DAAA would have sought to bring this to my attention however I have been aware of both the letter and flyer since they first surfaced.

I have written to the Queensland Minister for Police seeking clarification of some of the points mentioned by the WA Minister and seeking a copy of a document to which he referred.

Under our MOU, 3DAAA and ABA are working to develop a strategy to manage the issue. We do not believe that writing to any politican before we know the full facts will assist in the effort. Once we understand the drivers behind the proposed changes we can make a more informed response.


Neil Digweed

Acting President